Here’s a newsflash: Tim Louis doesn’t like the arrangement Vision Vancouver struck with COPE and he wants COPE members to vote no in tomorrow’s meeting to ratify the deal. This is vintage Louis: nitpicking, whining and dividing – here comes another 2003 council flashback. In his YouTube video outlining his reasons, Louis states the obvious when he says this election will be one of the most difficult in COPE’s history.

While he seems to grasp the reality of the COPE challenge, Louis fails to accept that COPE is essentially dead in this city. Larry Campbell’s 2002 victory under the COPE banner was just that: Larry Campbell’s victory. COPE merely succeeded by association – the man could have run as a Cling-On and won – and the party’s steady demise from that point is well-documented; the only reason there are any quality candidates running for COPE in this election is mathematical – they need to find a way to scramble in around all those Vision candidates.

In Louis’ dream world, he would see COPE run five candidates in each of the races for Council, School Board and Park Board, as well as a Mayoral candidate. Mayoral candidate? Who would that sacrificial lamb be, exactly? The mind boggles at all the possibilities. Word is the only sticking point for the many hopefuls is agreement on style and color of the Che Guevera t-shirts.

In reality, Vision is merely placating COPE, giving them their due in the form of a nice thanks-for-coming-out pat on the back under the pretext of a negotiation and vote. Louis’ rapidly deteriorating crew should be genuflecting to Vision for even acknowledging them as a party when their membership numbers are so embarrassingly low. COPE gives Vision nothing, brings nothing to the election, but if Vision unceremoniously dumped them, the negative bully optics would harm Vision with the voters, not to mention further divide an already fractured left.

Louis does not seem to realize his public whining only serves to weaken the prospects for any candidate perceived as left of centre – COPE, Vision or otherwise – and one would think Louis would want to see those people succeed rather than further splinter the voting left, banging his tired drum about process. Louis needs to move on – he is ineffective, has zero leadership ability and only brings a divisive, negative partisan energy to City Hall. Haven’t we had enough of that?