Welcome to my blog. You will find musings, observations and perhaps the odd rant on all that is frustrating, odd and downright incongruous about the management of the most beautiful city and province in the world: Vancouver, British Columbia. I write from the perspective of someone who has come to question nearly everything we are doing and wonders when we will pay the price for the choices we are making. Read on and I promise you will enjoy the ride.

Vancouver heads into a Fall Civic election, BC prepares for a Spring Provincial election and as the 2008 Summer Olympic Games open this week in Beijing, China, the entire province waits and wonders what further social, economic and environmental destruction the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Olympic Winter Games will bring. Our society struggles with homelessness, high housing prices, gang violence, declining mental health, diminishing natural resources and the descent of the planet into the crisis that is global warming – there hasn’t been a more interesting political and social climate in our short history.


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  1. Interesting blog -it would be nice to know who the author(s) is(are)

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